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11 Wawona Road, Carmel Valley Ca. 93924

Price: $495,000 - Sold "As Is".



”A Pinch of Paradise w/Carmel Cabin”

~ Enjoy the ambiance of an era gone by in this circa 1909' fishing camp–originally subdivided as “Camp Carmel” and later named Camp Steffani for one of it’s distinguished residents–Joseph Steffani, major of Salinas. Camp Steffani is located just one mile past the village where there is rarely a dreary day.

~ Rediscover the tranquility of life in the country with the ability to star gaze on clear dark nights with the sounds of the crickets and Creek in the background, or the pleasure of taking a cold dip on a hot day while watching the Geese fly over.

~ This is thought to be one of the original Camp Carmel Cabins as seen in the open wood ceiling held taunt with tension rods, or in the laundry shed where the original board and bat siding is visible. This is without a doubt a project, but could be a wonderful, rewarding and therapeutic endeavor for someone with the time, money and interest to reap the rewards.

Asking Price is $495,000 yet subject to change without notice!

~ Please Contact Eric Marsh, Broker (831) 655-4708.

Please note that this property is within the 100 year flood plain and will require flood insurance which is approximately $750 per year. It also falls within the Monterey County floodplain regulations for New Construction or Substantial Improvements, defined as any improvements equal or greater than 50% of the existing improvement value.

At that time the lowest floor of the residential structure would have to be raised to one foot above the base flood elevation for the 100 year flood--which the owner and I estimate between 1 and 3' from the neighboring homes which are build to the existing standards.

The requirement also includes standards for the utilities and septic system which must be able to withstand hydrostatic/flood pressures and not discharge waste into flooding waters.

Auxiliary structures must also be built to the same elevation or built to allow flood waters to enter and exist, as well as be anchored so as not to float down stream.

For further detailed information please see this website under the above button titled "Floodplains" or ask me for printed code information which will also be disclosed during escrow if you do purchase this property.

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Eric L. Marsh

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