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Property Management:


As an Independent Broker I manage a number of residential rental properties. My fee for management services is 5% of the gross receipts which includes any money collected for utilities or deposits--this is extremely reasonable. .

Management Services include:

~ Planning and Supervision of property cleanup and minor renovations to put the property into a good rentable condition. I won't manage properties that are unsafe or unsanitary.

~ Marketing of vacant properties for Lease. I pride myself at being charmed with the ability to select good tenants who pay the rent and maintain the property. I use Craig's List as well as a Military Posting site and classified advertising if necessary to attract good tenants. I do credit checks which includes an eviction or unlawfull detainer check and call past landlords for references.


~ I create the Lease agreement together with a walk through inspection and all the mandated disclosures for such things as lead base paint and asbestos. I am a member of and use the standard forms from the California Association of Realtors and California Apartment Association which are regularly updated.

~ I collect the rents, pay the bills and generate monthly itemized statements. I also send out monthly checks or make direct deposits for excess income into the owner's account. I do hold the Security Deposits in my trust account and this allows me to accept tenants rent checks and immediately disburse without waiting for the tenant's checks to clear. The security is normally 1.5 times the amount of monyhly rent which provides an emergency reserve which also covers returned checks.

~ I'm on call 24/7 for any tenant problems and coordinate all maintenance or repairs. My goal is to keep the tenant in place for as long as possible, which means treating them the way we would like to be treated--with respect. I've found the secret to keeping a good tenant is by being a good landlord--I am in fact a dual agent for the owner and tenant, so I am bound to be fair, honest and reasonable in all my dealings with both the owners and our tenants. .

~ I do the move-out inspections, supervision and coordination of cleaning and maintenance. I do have service people I've used regularly for up years. I've found my service people to be responsive, reliable, responsible and fairly priced.

~ I also provide clients with a year end statement you can take directly to your tax person.

~ In regard to evictions, I only go as far as creating and serving the 3 day notice to pay or quit and if the tenant does not comply, I turn it over to an experienced eviction attorney. I've only had several evictions over my many years of experience and many of those I inhereted in taking over the property management with already problem tenants. However, I do have a good eviction attorney who is resonable, efficent and effective. A normal uncontested eviction takes as little as 20 days.

~ In regard to costs, I pass all costs through to the client--this includes advertising, maintenance, repairs and legal costs. I do not charge any set up fees or overhead charges for ordinary day to day management. I will charge a 5% surcharge on costs of contruction for coordination and supervision on major remodels or renovations which require my time in obtaining bids and supervision of work.

Please call or drop in to see examples of my management agreement, which may always be cancelled with 30 days notice, contracts, statements and management files or for a list of references from current clients. Until then, sincere

Best Regards


Eric L. Marsh .